What’s the 5 Zone MethodologyTM?

We Developed the 5 Zone Methodology™ for Cleaning Critical Environments

Exclusively developed and used by DP Guardian, the 5 Zone Methodology™ targets the five most important areas for targeted cleaning within a critical space (data centers, computer rooms, switching rooms, etc.).  The 5 Zones include:

  • Subfloor
  • Drop Ceiling
  • Surrounding Environment
  • Equipment
  • Top of Floor (Vinyl and HPL)


This comprehensive cleaning approach was developed  to minimize risk, ensure safety, and provide the highest quality cleaning for our customers.

With more than 25 years of experience, DP Guardian is your partner in maintaining integrity and up-time in your critical environment. Contact us to inquire about the 5 Zone Methodology™ and why it’s important for optimizing and sustaining your mission critical space.


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